What's it like to be a Data Analyst?

Tuesday 8 November 2022
The main role of a Data Analyst is to assist organisations identify ways of reducing costs and identify opportunities to grow revenue. As a business analyst it’s vital to provide insights for any successful business. Data Analysts use standard methods to extract and analyse data. They translate statistics into meaningful business information so that management teams can interpret into the right buildable solutions and processes.
What's it like to be a Data Analyst?

Tasks and duties of a Data Analyst position

  • Work with management to prioritise information needs
  • Collect and interpret data on specific topics of importance to the business
  • Analyse results and report the findings back to the business teams
  • Identify and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Develop strategies to optimise the quality of statistical results
  • Maintain databases
  • Devise new data collection and analysis processes

How to become a Data Analyst

To become a Data Analyst, you need a Bachelor degree or Masters in Data Analytics or Data Science.

  1. Complete a Bachelor degree or Masters in Data Analytics or Data Science or relevant discipline, such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics or Statistics.
  2. Gain industry experience. Accessing an Internship at a company while studying can give you the chance to work with real data, learn different packages and build your skills to show future employers.

Job opportunities for Data Analysts

There are currently over 5,900 Data Analyst jobs on SEEK in Australia at the moment and average salary of $95,000pa with the projected job growth over the next 5 years of 12.9%.

This is going to be a growing area for Businesses as they continue to digitise ways of doing business. Help organisations to harness the power of data to drive decisions, predict trends and improve business performance across a variety of industries.

The good things about working as a Data Analyst:

You get to work with different teams within an organisation and help them understand their customers and the effects of their decisions. Also helping the senior leadership team make decisions based on data is very rewarding. You’ll get to access your creative side when you represent the data in graphical or visual representation form.

The challenges of being a Data Analyst:

You may have a lot of conflicting priorities given teams within the organisation might rely on you for much of their data requests.

If you’re good with data, statistics and visual learning then this role would be a great fit. So, if you’re looking to launch your career in data or simply upskill at Study in Australia TV we can assist you to find the right course to suit your needs.

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