End of the year reflections - introspection

‌Tuesday 02 January 2018
Japanese students Yoshi and Haruka reflect on their nine months spent at ICTE-UQ learning English, studying at UQ and their adventures as they explore Australia.
End of the year reflections - introspection

What I Learned About Myself
I did not think seriously about myself because I was afraid to find my weakness, so it is difficult for me to consider myself. However, I think it is a good opportunity to do that during studying abroad.
I come up with a lot of my weakness. For example, I tend to hesitate to engage in new activities by myself. I am a passive nature, so I prefer staying my comfortable environment such as staying with the same friends and leading the same lifestyle. However, I cannot do that in Australia because many unexpected things have happened to me again and again. I realized avoiding new things was a waste of time and I lost many chances to improve myself, so these days I try to throw myself into new places and I feel I can gradually overcome this drawback. 

In addition, I am less confident, especially when I express my opinion in front of people. I usually wait until someone says something and sometimes I do not have any idea about a topic. I am too conservative to say anything. Also, I have realized I did not have enough knowledge. In order to overcome this shortcoming, I need to acquire not only English skills but also a wide range of knowledge. I believe it can enable me to be more confident.
Although four months have passed since I came here, I am not satisfied with my English skills yet, but I hope it has improved a little bit... From this week, my school life at UQ has started. I think it will be hard, but I will make every effort to be able to spend a precious time in Australia. I believe in my ability to improve!
I realized I like kangaroos more than Koalas!!



What I've learned in this 5 months in Australia about me...
Five months have flown like the wind. It is really surprising to me that I have already spent almost a half of study abroad year. At least, I think my English has improved. I hope. This is really a difficult topic for me because I rarely reflect myself, but the most significant thing I realized myself is that I am braver than I thought.

Before I have come to Australia, I was less confident. Still, I am. Every time I start something new I feel awkward and make complaints to my friends (which always make my friends annoyed). Actually, I had made complained to my mother that I did not want to go to Australia before I came to here. Although this study abroad was my choice, I was really afraid of going abroad by myself.

However after I have come to Australia, things were much easier than I thought. Coordinators are really kind, my friends, which I have come with and I made in Australia, always support me and my host family give me great advice. Although I am still awkward to live in foreign country, I can be brave because I know people who can help me. 

Now I have enrolled in the UQ, and going to take an undergraduate course. It must be hard to catch up with local people, but I am not so afraid. I will just do my best.

Que sera sera!




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