Eynesbury College

Eynesbury College

Students from all over the world are invited to study at Eynesbury College in Adelaide, South Australia. We offer a range of programs allowing students to study in either ELICOS programs or the Senior High School, Foundation Studies or Diploma level.

Eynesbury College Fees

How much does it cost to attend Eynesbury College?
Eynesbury College Fees

How much does it cost to enroll in different programs at Eynesbury College? You can see a detailed list of fees for International and domestic students in the following tables:

2019 Program Fees For International Students

Senior High School 2020 Fee*
High School year 10 A$24,600
High School year 11 A$24,600
High School year 12 A$24,600


Foundation Studies Programs 2020 Fee
Standard Foundation Studies A$28,000
Extended Foundation Studies A$35,800


(16 week program following completion of UniStart inmarket)



International Fees (A$) 2020
Two Stage Diploma Programs Stage 1 Stage 2 EFTSL
Diploma of Business Studies A$24,400  A$31,000  0.125 per module
Diploma of Computing & IT Studies A$24,400  A$32,200  0.125 per module
ICHM Tertiary Preparation Program A$24,400 N/A 0.125 per module


One year Diploma programs 2020 fee* EFTSL
Diploma of Business A$31,000 0.125 per module
Diploma of Computing & IT A$32,200 0.125 per module
Diploma of Engineering A$35,700  0.125 per module


English language preparation 2020 fee
English for General Purposes A$400 per week
English for Academic Purposes Preparation A$400 per week
English for Academic Purposes A$400 per week


Other fees 2020 fee
Enrolment fee (Senior High School only) A$200
SACE fee

The SACE fee is payable to the SACE Board.

The amount will depend on number of credits studied. 

Overseas Student Health Cover (single cover)

A$609 / year
Accommodation Processing Fee (includes airport pick up) A$400
Welfare and Accommodation Monitoring Fee (for students under 18 years) A$35 per week


* Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Accommodation 2020 fee
Homeaway A$330 - $350 per week
Homestay A$290 per week with meals, $200 per week cook your own meals
Student Residences and Apartments $145 - $450 per week depending on location and room type


Program fees for domestic students are as follows:

Domestic 2020 fee
Diploma Stage 1 A$16,900
Diploma of Business A$19,000
Diploma of Computing & IT A$21,000
Diploma of Engineering A$22,500
Standard Foundation Studies A$17,500
Extended Foundation Studies A$22,000



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