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About Browns English Language School

BROWNS English Language School is today the largest private English language school in Queensland after growing from humble beginnings. The school was opened in 2003 by dynamic brother and sister combination Richard and Niesha Brown, and today welcomes over 5,000 international students across four campuses located in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Why Browns English Language School?

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World-Class Curriculum

The BROWNS English Language School Curricula are based on the internationally recognised and respected Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF).

What is the CEF?

The CEF is a guideline created by the Council of Europe which grades language proficiency in any language. It is the official means of describing learner achievements in schools, universities and language institutes across Europe.

What are the CEF levels?

The CEF provides six reference levels from A1 to C2, breaking down language ability in terms of reading, listening, speaking and writing at each level.

CEFR Level CEFR Descriptor English Level
C2 Mastery Advanced
C1 Effective Operational Proficiency Upper-Intermediate
B2 Vantage Intermediate
B1 Threshold Pre-Intermediate
A2 Waystage Elementary
A1 Breakthrough Beginner

BROWNS level system is designed in line with the CEF levels.
Using the CEF to map a student's learning journey

The Association of Language Testers in Europe, otherwise known as ALTE, took the CEF even further, creating a simplified set of 400+ descriptors for language examinations which relate to the Common Reference Levels. These descriptors are in the form of "can-do statements", each saying more simply what a learner can do at every level. These descriptors form the core of BROWNS Intensive General English syllabus.

BROWNS Accelerate

Upon arrival at BROWNS, each student is issued with a BROWNS passport. This is an important part of the students’ study at BROWNS as it is a means by which teachers can give regular and specific feedback to students on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Students must have their BROWNS passport in order to participate in Accelerate & Homework Review. Every day, every BROWNS student has a designated hour on their schedule for Accelerate study. In this hour, students can choose what they wish to study. CORE class teachers guide this by writing in the students’ passports throughout the week, recommending areas for that week’s Accelerate practice.

When a student has chosen an activity, they hand their passport into the supervising teacher. Teachers can then use this passport to gauge their students’ progress, in addition to suggesting areas or skills that warrant further attention during Accelerate.

Students can select from Speaking workshops or study of Grammar, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Listening or Functional Usage. This is a guided independent learning period whereby students can independently choose to work on and improve skill groups or weak areas as identified by themselves or their teacher.

BROWNS Active8

To be a fluent user of English, we believe that a student needs to be exposed to, and practice extensively, the 4 skills and 4 systems that make up English.

Therefore, in our CORE classes, we use a course-book based syllabus which integrates the 8 skills and systems. We ensure that the student receives a balanced learning diet. Each week, we also provide a revision test that checks student understanding across the systems and skills so that students can have a more accurate measure of their progress as well.

In our CORE classes, students will learn the language in context through topics such as relationships, life events, holidays, travel, work and culture. Classes are designed to be motivating and hands-on. We believe the more active you are in the class, the more likely you are to improve, so your lessons at BROWNS are interactive, relaxed and fun whilst remaining focused with clear learning outcomes for you to achieve.

In our Active8 classes, we focus on each language skill or system individually to provide further opportunity for students to improve. We assess the students level for each skill and system and place them in each class accordingly. As a student's skills may not be at the same proficiency level across all 8 systems and skills, this system allows us to pinpoint student weaknesses and strengths and ensure they are working at the right challenge level for each system and skill.

NEW Themed Active8

Themed Active8 lessons focus on four skills and four systems of English, with level-based streams. When you arrive at BROWNS, your personalised study plan will allow you to be placed in one of or even a mix of the following Themed Active8 classes*:

Aussie - focuses on Australia culture, everyday communication including local excursions
Academic - taster for full courses
Business/Hospitality - focuses on language and soft skills for workforce in Australia and globally

In our Accelerate Further Learning Programme, we take this one step further by providing individually tailored advice on areas for improvement for each student based on his/her class-work. By targeting student's individual needs and gaps in their language learning, we help them achieve more rapid progress and empower them to take control of their learning. Each week, a student's CORE teacher will provide new written recommendations for each student's further study, using the BROWNS Passport system. Students are then asked to use the BROWNS rich resource library to act on this advice. The library is categorised by level and Active8 skill or system.

BROWNS Guarantees

IELTS Guarantee

If you do not achieve your target IELTS score, BROWNS will guarantee you a FREE IELTS Preparation course (same number of weeks as your original booking).

Cambridge Guarantee

If you do not achieve a pass or above, BROWNS will guarantee you a FREE Cambridge FCE/CAE Preparation course (same number of weeks as your original booking)

World-Class Facilities

Brisbane Campus

Brisbane is a progressive, cultural and vibrant city with a warm climate all year round. The local people are friendly, “easy going” and enjoy living a relaxed outdoor lifestyle. BROWNS Brisbane campus is located in the heart of the city’s popular shopping and eating district. The school occupies the entire first and fourth floor of a modern building and overlooks the spectacular Museum of Brisbane and King George Square.

Gold Coast Campus

The Gold Coast is renowned for its famous surf beaches, expansive waterways, subtropical rainforest, large shopping centres and exciting nightlife. BROWNS Gold Coast campus is conveniently located in the city centre, close to cafés, shops and the beach. The school building has direct frontage to the beautiful Southport Broadwater Parklands, a green retreat for sports activities and BBQs.

World-Class Teachers

BROWNS Teacher Selection Process

We carefully check the qualifications and references of all teacher applicants. If a candidate satisfies our selection criteria, the Director of Studies will carry out an interview and arrange a time for a 2 hour trial classroom lesson. The Director of Studies will observe the classroom lesson – and if the candidate demonstrates knowledge and skill – then they may be asked to join the BROWNS teaching team.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Classroom

We are proud of the world-class calibre of our teaching team. At BROWNS we are careful to choose career teachers who are passionate about the ESL classroom and ensuring our students receive the best possible education. Our teacher induction process means that new teachers are supported through their initial months at BROWNS and are correctly trained in how we like our classes to be delivered at BROWNS. The Director of Studies conducts regular teaching observations and feedback sessions with our teachers, as well as providing a supportive and collegial atmosphere in which ideas and good practice can be shared.

BROWNS Professional Development Workshops

BROWNS hold professional development workshops for their teaching team every two weeks. Teachers are encouraged to suggest areas in which they would like development. These requests are then followed up by the Director of Studies or the Senior Academic Team in interactive workshops designed to ensure our teachers are always on the cutting edge of teaching practice.

The BROWNS Teaching Style

Our philosophy is that for every hour that the student spends in class, they should be able to identify clear learning outcomes. Our teaching team is responsible for providing this focused learning environment. However, clear class focuses don't mean dull classes! At BROWNS, we want to bring the language and learning alive. We want to motivate, inspire, enthuse, and empower students to achieve rapid progress in the English language. We discourage the use of dry photocopies and dull texts. We prefer our classes to be hands-on, communicative and interactive.

World-Class Student Services

Student Services

BROWNS is committed to providing students with the resources and information they need to gain the most from their time at BROWNS and in Australia.

Our Student Services team is always available to assist with any issues that may arise during your time at BROWNS.

BROWNS range of services include:

Assistance with Adjusting to Life in Australia
School Orientation
Accommodation Services – Homestay and Apartments
Airport Transfers
Academic Counselling and Further Study Advice
Student Activities
Travel Advice and Information

Assistance with Adjusting to Life in Australia

You can meet with a member of our Student Services team at any time to discuss any issues or information they may need to settle in to life in Australia.

Our team will provide you with useful information to help you settle into life in Australia including:

  • Transport options and how to get a GO Card,
  • Nearest doctor, dentist and other medical practitioners,
  • How to open an Australian bank account,
  • How to get an Australian SIM card or phone,
  • How to access the library,
  • Places and attractions to visit, and
  • A range of other information you may find useful in your first few weeks at BROWNS.

BROWNS also has a counselling service available where students can make an appointment to visit a counsellor in their office or the counsellor can come to school depending on the students preference.

School Orientation
It is compulsory for all new students to attend our orientation program on their first day at school.

Accommodation Services
Check out our two student accommodation options, available in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast: BROWNS Homestay and the BROWNS Student Apartments.

Airport Transfers
Book the BROWNS Airport transfer service – for Airport pick up and drop off in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Academic Counselling and Further Study Advice
You can meet with a member of our Academic Management Team at BROWNS at any time – to discuss any issues relating to your course or future study.

Travel Advice and Information
At BROWNS Brisbane and Gold Coast campus we have a manned travel desk – to help you arrange exciting trips and weekend excursions during your stay in Australia. Our partner travel agent is Backpackers World Travel – they will provide you with helpful information and offer you competitive prices on travel and adventure packages in Australia.

BROWNS Elevate

Every member of the BROWNS Family – teachers, trainers, students and friends – deserves the opportunity to enrich their Australian experience and contribute towards a better tomorrow. The BROWNS Elevate Initiative embraces learning with purpose. In the classroom, the principles of Content and Language Integrated Learning bring pressing social issues to life; students develop empathy, intuitiveness and social consciousness alongside their language skills. Outside the classroom, the initiative harnesses these learnings with monthly student involvement in local non-profit and charitable organisations.

One by one, the participation of BROWNS students creates profound change for a range of issues and organisations supported by the BROWNS Elevate Initiative.

Our Students

A truly diverse student body - in background, nationality, interests and ambitions - is the foundation of the BROWNS experience. Indeed, these differences are critical to the BROWNS learning model, which thrives on the many perspectives and life experiences our students from all over the world bring to their English classes.


ESL Certificate of Excellence 2017

BROWNS has been awarded the ESL Certificate of Excellence in 2017 for consistently delivering high quality service.

The ESL Certificate of Excellence is awarded based on the feedback provided by students. At the end of their programs, students rate many aspects of their stay, including school facilities, teaching, quality, accommodation services and leisure programs.

Hong Kong Award Recognises BROWNS World Class Services

BROWNS has been awarded the Hong Kong Australia Business Association Queensland Export Awards for 2017, firmly positioning BROWNS as a leading World Class English Language Provider for the region.

The Business Awards is a national program designed to recognise companies who strive for excellence in international trade between Australia and Hong Kong SAR and China. The award acknowledged BROWNS culture of value creation, developing stronger partnerships with partners, stronger customer service delivery programs inside and outside of class, and stronger tools to assist partners to promote our services. 

This Business Awards is an initiative jointly supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Invest Hong Kong, Trade and Investment Queensland and the Queensland State Government.

ESL Certificate of Excellence 2016

BROWNS has been awarded the ESL Certificate of Excellence in 2016 for consistently delivering high quality service.

The ESL Certificate of Excellence is awarded based on the feedback provided by students. At the end of their programs, students rate many aspects of their stay, including school facilities, teaching, quality, accommodation services and leisure programs.

Japan Best School Award 2015

BROWNS has been recognised as one of the best English Language Schools in the world by the Japanese Ryugaku Journal's Best School Award for 2015.

From the feedback of 500 students, Ryugaku Journal, a Japanese agency which sends students from Japan to language schools all over the world, has awarded our School as the best in the world.

50th Australian Export Awards - 2012

BROWNS English Language School has been recognised as the Australian leading Education and Training exporter at the 50th Australian Export Awards 2012.
The Australian Export Awards is a national program that recognises and honours Australian companies engaged in international business who have achieved sustainable growth through innovation and commitment. The Awards measure businesses against their peers based on the strength of their international growth, marketing and financial strategies.

Honouring success in international business highlights the valuable contribution globally engaged companies make to Australia’s economy, the program aims to encourage other Australian companies to participate in international business by rewarding and profiling successful Australian companies.

The Australian Export Awards also honours and celebrates the nation’s globally successful companies by raising their profile and bringing valuable business and networking opportunities.

Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2012

BROWNS English Language School has been recognised as the state's leading Education and Training exporter at the Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2012.
BROWNS English Language School was nominated in two categories, Education and Training Award, for outstanding innovation and export achievement in the field of education and training services, expertise and curriculum; and Regional Exporter Award, for outstanding export achievement by a business whose head office is based in a non-metropolitan location.

These Awards were presented on Thursday 8 November 2012 at the Convention Centre by The Honourable Campbell Newman MP, Premier of Queensland.
2012 QJCCI (Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc ) Export Excellence Awards
2012 Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry winner for "Small-Medium Services" - BROWNS English Language School, sponsored by JETSTAR & 2012 Queensland Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry winner for "Supreme Exporter of the Year", sponsored by JETSTAR.

English Language School - Southern Hemisphere 2010

BROWNS English Language School has been voted 'English Language School – Southern Hemisphere' at the 2010 Language Travel Magazine Awards! This award is given at an international award ceremony which takes place in London.

The Language Travel Magazine Awards are the Oscars or Grammies of the language travel industry, recognising excellence in educational services and quality. Winners are chosen by consultants, staff and specialists employed in the business from all over the world. Voters rate schools on the overall service they provide including classes, school facilities, accommodation and activities.

This awards shows we are committed to providing the highest quality of service and programs to our students.







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