Skilled Sponsored visa (subclass 176)

Sunday 5 November 2023

Visa Overview

The Skilled Sponsored visa (subclass 176) is a visa category that is currently closed to new applications. It was subject to the Cap and Cease arrangement, which became effective on September 22, 2015. Any visa applications that were not decided before this date are considered to have not been made. For more information on the cap and cease arrangement, please refer to the official website.

Visa Holders

This information is specifically for individuals who have been granted a Skilled Sponsored visa (subclass 176). It outlines the rights and obligations associated with this visa.

Permitted Activities

As a visa holder, it is essential to comply with all visa conditions and Australian laws. Additionally, each state or territory may specify additional requirements, which may include:

  • Residing in the nominating state or territory for a specified minimum period
  • Providing your address to the state or territory both before and after your arrival in Australia
  • Completing surveys and providing requested information after your arrival in Australia


Alongside complying with visa conditions and Australian laws, you and your family must fulfill any specific requirements set by the state or territory, such as the minimum residency period and providing updated address information.

Reporting Changes in Circumstances

If there are any changes in your circumstances, it is crucial to inform the relevant authorities. This includes changes in residential address, passport details, or any significant life events, such as pregnancy, birth, divorce, separation, marriage, de facto relationship, or death in your family.

To report changes, please use the ImmiAccount system. In case you are unable to access ImmiAccount, you can utilize the following forms:

  • Form 929 - Change of address and/or passport details: If you move to a new address or change your passport
  • Form 1022 - Notification of changes in circumstances: If there are other changes in your circumstances

Failure to provide details of any new passport issued to you may result in significant delays at the airport and potential denial of permission to board your plane.

Sponsor Obligations

If you are an eligible relative sponsor, you must sign a sponsorship undertaking and agree to provide certain support to your sponsored relative, including:

  • Adequate accommodation and financial assistance to meet your relative's living needs during their first two years in Australia
  • Additional support, such as childcare, to facilitate your relative's attendance at English language classes
  • Information and advice, including employment-related guidance, to assist your relative in settling in Australia

The two-year period begins from the date your relative enters Australia.

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